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i can hear my roommate outside talking to the boys next door. i really like her. i actually really like all three of them. my one roommate... haha, i could complain about her, but it would just be in a mocking way not a real, she's annoying kind of way.

she just broke up with her boyfriend... er, he broke up with her. and so she's in that phase where every night she changes her away message every ten minutes, drinks one beer, gets "drunk" and *accidentally* calls him thus revealing her true feelings - every single time. i guess we all go through that stage, although i'd like to be able to admit i never, ever did. but that would be a lie. although it was a very, very, very long time ago, and if i was having that kind of problem now, i would handle it much differently. like.. just avoid him altogether. my how we change.

i don't mind though. i don't think i could ever complain about a roommate again after last year.

nicky was... omg. ugh. i've never clashed with another person so much. isn't that weird? how sometimes people get matched with a person exactly the opposite of them? it's weird.

loved jess.

oh, and jackie was okay. until i realized she was a pathological liar. it actually made me like nicky a little more. that girl put me through so much shit, right when i didn't need it the most. she never paid her bills on time all summer, and i was always financially burdened by her. it was ridiculous. and she lied a lot about it, and owed me almost five hundred dollars for months, and when i called her mom because she had pissed off my new roommates by selling them our internet cable box... which i told them we were actually renting from comcast... yeah, her mom was like, "she's a pathological liar." so that sort of ruined that friendship quick. i still didn't not like her though. i just had trouble being around her without rolling my eyes and getting frustrated. now that i have all of my money back i don't mind. but i don't trust her at all. it's weird that someone can lie so much to you about something.

i may have a lot of secrets. but i never lie.

im going to try to be a better person now. im sick of feeling sorry for myself sometimes, and writing those emo entries. i'm just going to be matter-of-fact from now on, and realize that i'm a human just like others, and that events happen to me, people happen to me, and bad things may or may not happen to me, but that it's cool, and i'll be alright anyway.
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