fake_plastic_em (fake_plastic_em) wrote,

ummmmmm. i'm so lucky! :)

i don't really have much to complain about. i guess i do, but i feel bad doing so, because it's all just related to things that do not really matter in life, like work and school. i guess they do matter? but i don't think that's what's most important, and i'm so happy in other areas of my life, that it feels wrong to be upset about anything else.

i wonder how long things will be this good. i hope i don't mess it up by wondering. watch tonight, something bad will happen now!

last night. i. worked. came home. ate a little bit. dennis and i went to the bank. came back. watched some tv. yeah, i was very lazy! and then, i went to bed early, because i had to wake up early, and then around 1, dennis came back, he had borrowed my car to go to the y earlier, and he had been next door drinking with his friends, and he crawled into bed with me, and everything felt so well. i think i will gush about him here, because i don't want to annoy people who can avoid being annoyed by not reading. he is so ooo oo cute though! cute cute cute. and sweet. and he always smells good. and feels good. and is sweet. and he asked for food. and i made us spinach nuggets, and he had yogurt too, and the granola i always get him. and he's just so perfect. everything about him. so good to me. so nice to me. would never, ever hurt me, in any way. i am so grateful. i love the way he smiles at me, and his blue eyes, and his soft skin, and his strong arms, and the way he smells and the way his hair feels and how he wears his clothes, and how he always holds me, and how i feel like i've known him all of my life. he's just the greatest. ok. i'm done now. i need to stop.

so... oh, i had to start on this stupid portfolio for my internship today. who'd have known there's more to the internship than the actual going there part? i didn't know! so yeah, i started on that today. i actually ended up writing two pages on the ordeal, and sugar-coated everything to make it seem like i actually like the occupation of sales disguised by customer service. how cute. let's see, i'm going to start a running clock of how many more days until this job is over! i think i'll get a job at a bank as a teller or customer service rep, like the day before i graduate, that way i can spare no time in leaving! i will stay a few months at the bank until i find a real job that i actually like. i'm not sure when we are going to the bahamas though.. i might have to wait to start. that would suck, but would surely be worth it.

let us see. today is february 1st. i belive my last day of classes will be may 1st. ugh, that seems so far away! let's see. mar, apr, may... that's only three months. how many weeks? like. 14. 7 of those weeks i will work saturdays. so thats 7 days. 4 days out of each week... 4 times 14. + 7. noooo. hmph. 56 + 7 = 63 more days of working at this horrible sales job! yay!

okay, hear that? 63. so. tomorrow, i will get home, and it will be 62, and i will be happy.!

ok, i'm done, i'm done.

bye people of the live journal community!
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